UV Systems

Ultraviolet Light (UV) systems provide a non-chemical, environmentally friendly secondary treatment option for reducing chloramines in swimming pools and spas. Chloramines are responsible for the odor, and enhanced corrosion often found at indoor aquatic facilities.

UV is also effective against chlorine resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Combined with a primary sanitizer, UV is a continuous, proactive way to address both chloramines and chlorine resistant pathogens. This technology is highly effective and reliable, is fully automated and requires minimal routine maintenance.

How They Work

Pool water is exposed to powerful ultraviolet rays produced by a high output ultraviolet lamp placed inside the UV’s wet chamber. The UV exposure kills micro-organisms, bacteria, algae, and a myriad of other harmful organisms. By utilizing the UV disinfection method, chlorine and bromine use may be reduced by up to 20%, resulting in a pool water environment that is second to none in comfort and sanitation.



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