Sanitizers & Chemicals

We understand that there isn’t a one size fits all sanitizer for commercial pools. The right sanitizer is determined by a number of factors, some within your control, and some not.

Some considerations in choosing the right sanitizer(s) for your facility:

Patron Considerations

  • How the pool is used – therapy, recreation, fitness, combination, etc.
  • Patron load – number of patrons, steady or variable use, etc.

Business Considerations

  • The role the pool plays in your business – is it a draw, or just an amenity?
  • Staff – highly trained staff, outsourced partner, etc.
  • Cost model – short term expense vs. long term investment
  • Seasonality – year-round, or seasonal?

Facility Considerations

  • Physical limitations – location of equipment room, storage and handling, etc.
  • Source water – extremely hard water, high iron content, etc.
  • Type and number of bodies of water – lap pools, activity pools, splash pads, spas, etc.
  • Type of facility – indoor, outdoor, both

For these reasons, Valley Aquatic Solutions offers multiple sanitizer options, all approved for use in commercial pools by the State of Wisconsin. We think that it’s important for us to offer our clients choices, rather than to just sell a single solution. When proposing a sanitizing system solution, we’ll make sure that it is tailored to the unique needs and goals of your facility. Then, we’ll make every effort to ensure that you understand the pros and cons of the choices being presented.



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