Salt Systems

Saline chlorination is a safe, effective, environmentally responsible method of sanitizing swimming pools. This revolutionary method of water treatment has completely changed how pools and spas are maintained. Since they use only salt, it’s no longer necessary to handle hazardous chemicals or struggle with large, bulky and heavy containers. And the savings from purchasing fewer packaged chemicals can be re-invested in your facility.

Today, there are salt chlorine generation units designed for the rigors of commercial use. Rather than installing a “bank” of residential units to accommodate the fluctuating demand of commercial pool operators, Valley Aquatic Solutions can properly size and install a system specifically engineered for your commercial application.

The Process:

Pure sodium chloride (table salt) is introduced into your pool water or offline hopper.

Water passes through a chlorine generating cell located in your pump room.

Low voltage electricity is applied to the water, converting the sodium chloride to pure chlorine gas.

Bacteria, algae, and germs are destroyed.

Chlorine gas reverts back to salt.

Add-back of fresh salt is only to compensate for splash-out, overflow, and filter back-washing.

The Benefits:

  • Reduced cost – save up to 80% on chemical costs
  • Safe addition – salt can be added while swimmers are enjoying the pool
  • Low usage rates – salt is maintained around 5000ppm (about the same level as human tears)
  • Eliminated chlorine complaints – no more red eyes, bleached swimsuits, offensive smell or taste
  • Familiar testing process – free available chlorine (FAC) test kits used as with traditional sanitizers
  • Single control unit – ChlorKing Chlorination unit
  • Automatic monitoring available – Aquasol pH and chlorine measuring system

In-line Commercial Saline Chlorine Generation Systems

These systems are fantastic for small and medium-sized applications such as Hotels, Health Clubs, and Apartments and those facilities that want comfortable feeling water. Salt is introduced directly into the pool water, resulting in a soft silky feel without the skin and eye irritants found with traditional sanitizers.


1.25 lbs/day

2.5 lbs/day

3.5 lbs/day

5.0 lbs/day

7.5 lbs/day

10 lbs/day

15 lbs/day

20 lbs/day

25 lbs/day

X-Gen Commercial Saline Chlorine Generation Systems

Larger commercial facilities with high chlorine demand can benefit from the new X-GEN Chlorine Generation System. While the chlorine generation process remains the same as other units, this system is perfect for high demand applications where introducing salt directly into the pool may not be as practical. Instead, the X-GEN produces sodium hypochlorite in a production tank from a sodium chloride concentration of 5,000ppm. The pool water is then re-circulated through the production tank.


7.5 lbs/day

10 lbs/day

20 lbs/day

40 lbs/day



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