Cal-Hypo Tablet Chlorination Systems

“The addition of the Accu-Tab® product line extends our philosophy of providing a broad range of products and services for our customers. Being able to offer an array of sanitizing solutions – salt, bleach, cal-hypo, bromine, and dichlor and tri-chlor – as well as training and service means that we can truly be the go-to resource for commercial pool operators throughout Wisconsin.”

– Ken Walther, Owner, Valley Aquatic Solutions

The Accu-Tab® three-inch tablet and feeder system is a simple and effective water chlorination solution for those locations choosing calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) as their primary sanitizer.

Manufactured in the U.S. by PPG Industries, the NSF-certified system combines specially-engineered chlorinators with quality controlled three-inch cal hypo tablets. It kills bacteria, controls algae, destroys organic contaminants and is available in a variety of feeder models to meet the different size needs and chlorine demands of commercial pools.

Minimizing safety concerns typically associated with other chlorination systems, the Accu-Tab® system reduces the risk of leaks, eliminating the need for expensive safety systems. The Accu-Tab® system also requires less maintenance than other cal hypo systems because of the quality of tablets and the unique design advantages of the patented delivery technology.

Accu-Tab® chlorination systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including the Accu-Tab Power Base® system, which includes the chlorinator (sized to your application), pump, balance tank with float valve, flow meter, valves and electrical relay. Just give us a call and one of our Aquatic Specialists will be happy to discuss the right system for your aquatic facility.

Series 3000 Chlorinators

Series 3000 Accu-Tab® chlorinators are NSF certified, can be installed on the gravity or suction side, and carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Series 100 Chlorinator

The Series 100 Accu-Tab® chlorinator

PowerBase and PowerPro Automation Systems

These systems come pre-packaged with an Accu-Tab® chlorinator (four models available), pump, balance tank with float valve, flow meter, valves and electrical relay. They’re designed to be installed on the automated pressure side, NSF certified, and come with a One Year Warranty.

Simple. Convenient. Effective. Call today to determine the right Accu-Tab® system for your facility!



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