How Can I receive Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Training?

We understand your time is limited, so training is now available in several convenient formats to choose from:

1)Classroom CPO® Certification
A two-day class that covers 14-16 hours of information from The Handbook (provided) and local codes taught by an NSPF Instructor. This dynamic setting offers direct interactions with an instructor and fellow students. Pass the open book exam and earn CPO® certification.

2) Pool Operator PrimerTM
Can be the first step to earning CPO® certification or an education in the fundamentals. Online curriculum follows the 18 chapters in The Handbook, which is provided. Successful completion earns a personalized Record of Completion. If you choose to pursue CPO® certification, contact Valley Aquatic Solutions to enroll in a Pool Operator FusionTM class within six months.

3) Pool Operator FusionTM
Convenient way to achieve CPO® certification. This one-day class is offered by NSPF Instructors and is often the second day of the two-day Classroom CPO® certification course. Sign up for a FusionTM class by contacting an NSPF Instructor. Students must present a Pool Operator PrimerTM Record of Completion and successfully complete a Pool Operator FusionTM class to earn CPO® certification.